Film- und Video­produk­tion­en


We’re a team of di­git­al nat­ives and at­tach im­port­ance to ac­com­pa­ny­ing you from the very first idea un­til the full pro­ject is fin­ished. We be­gin by un­der­stand­ing what the em­phas­is of your story is and how we can make the story rel­ev­ant. Then we’ll de­vel­op an at­tract­ive movie – while at the same time find­ing ways to ex­pand its ef­fect­ive­ness.


We com­bine the love for sports, film and tech­nic­al in­sight to pro­duce great films for you. With the Swiss Alps as our back­yard and our pas­sion for out­door sports, we get the shot re­gard­less of the loc­a­tion. We keep in­vest­ing in our equip­ment to real­ize your pro­ject through a com­plete in-house ser­vice.


We of­fer a video pro­duc­tion from A-Z. With our team, we can pro­duce your video in-house, which guar­an­tees a fast and ef­fi­cient work­flow.

We cre­ate the story­board and trans­late your ideas and con­cepts into a com­pre­hens­ible piece of film.

With shot over 29 dif­fer­ent sports(-persons) in any weath­er or loc­a­tion. We did:

Ath­let­ics, Artist­ic cyc­ling, Artist­ic gym­nastics, Bal­loon, Beach­vol­ley, BMX, Cross­fit, Cross-coun­try ski­ing, Cyc­ling, Dance, Fen­cing, Glid­ing, Ice hockey, Fist­ball, Jiu-Jitsu, Moun­tain­bike, Moun­tain run­ning, Ori­enteer­ing, Row­ing, Run­ning, Schwin­gen (Swiss Wrest­ling), Shoot­ing sports, Showjump­ing, Ski (Freeski & Park), Vol­ley­ball, Wa­ter­polo, Wrest­ling, Wheel­chair sports.

We’re an ex­per­i­enced team to film your event dur­ing day & night and cut your movie right after the event (see “Rap­id-ed­ited movies”).

One of our main strength is edit­ing un­der time pres­sure. Dur­ing the last years, we’ve set up our fast & re­mote edit­ing work­space and trained our­self to cut your movie fast. De­pend­ing on your needs we can de­liv­er a qual­ity movie with­in hours.

With our drones, we de­liv­er aer­i­al mov­ing im­ages & pho­to­graphy. Know­ing about the Swiss drone reg­u­la­tions, our main pri­or­ity is to fly safely and de­liv­er­ing stun­ning im­ages at the same time.

We can pro­duce your im­age or cor­por­ate film based on your ideas and loc­a­tion. Let us know if you’re look­ing for new ways to present your brand and we try to help you de­vel­op an in­ter­est­ing idea with fits the need­ings of today’s and to­mor­rows video mar­ket­ing.

Work­ing with big “so­cial-me­dia brands” like Red Bull and our in­terest in video mar­ket­ing & stat­ist­ics, we can give you the tips & tricks for a good video mar­ket­ing cam­paign in so­cial me­dia.

Our post­pro­duc­tion of­fice is set-up with power­ful work­sta­tions to edit your 4K or 1080p movies. Cur­rently, we’re in­vest­ing into a new work­sta­tion to work even more flu­ent and without any com­prom­ises. We work with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Ef­fect.

Work­ing with Adobe Au­di­tion we’re able to mix, edit and add sound to your pro­duc­tion in any way.

For a good voice over you need spe­cial train­ing & ex­per­i­ence. To­geth­er with re­li­able part­ner, we can guar­an­tee high-qual­ity au­dio solu­tions for your pro­ject.