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Data Blog #5: Dis­tri­b­u­tion

24 Novem­ber 17

Once your video is uploaded to a social media chan­nel, you have to be fast. It’s all about get­ting the most atten­tion in the short­est pos­si­ble amount of time. More likes/shares and com­ments in a short time are always con­sid­ered as a high-engag­ing post by Facebook/Instagram & Co. and will be more like­ly to be shown to your audi­ence.

  1. It’s all about likes, com­ments and shares in the first min­utes after you put your con­tent online. If no one will like your con­tent in the first min­utes, your con­tent is con­sid­ered again irrel­e­vant. Ask your friends/clients to like your con­tent imme­di­ate­ly after post­ing and you will get a good scale-effect because of more shares, and shares by your friends and friends-of-friends… and so on.
  2. Like the right way: In 2017 Face­book intro­duced five addi­tion­al like fea­tures: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, or Angry. It has not been proven that Face­book is weight­ing these five emo­tions more than a stan­dard-like, but cur­rent pieces of evi­dence indi­cate that. So tell your friend not only to like your con­tent, they should choose one of the emo­tions.
  3. Com­ment the right way: A com­ment is more valu­able than only a like. Tell your friend that they should com­ment your stuff or men­tion oth­er users by com­ment­ing for a scale-effect.
  4. Pro­mote your con­tent: Write to oth­er blogs, men­tion the con­tent on Twit­ter or check for influ­encers on Insta­gram (you can eas­i­ly write them a mes­sage and ask them if they would pro­mote your video).
  5. And last but not least: It’s all about qual­i­ty con­tent. If your con­tent sucks, your reach will suck too.

This was our five-part data blog series where we’d like to show the lat­est mar­ket­ing stats in video­mak­ing. Include these steps in your video mar­ket­ing strate­gies and you will be ready for the video mar­ket­ing 2018.  Check out the oth­er four data blogs.

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