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Data Blog #4: Tim­ing

24 Novem­ber 17

The best time to re­lease your con­tent de­pends widely on your audi­ence and when they’re on­line. So there is no right or wrong. Re­cent stud­ies have shown that the best time for shar­ing con­tent is from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. with a slightly longer en­gage­ment on the week­ends. But these stats are from the US. Com­pared to our data with a mainly Swiss audi­ence, timeslots in the even­ing work bet­ter for us. There are two ba­sic things you can do in case of tim­ing your posts:

  1. Try to find your best time: By shar­ing dif­fer­ent post types (video/pic­tures/status-up­dates) on dif­fer­ent times dur­ing the day. Post not be­fore 8 am or after 9pm.
  2. Keep the amount of sim­il­ar post in mind: Ima­gine you are the num­ber 30 in Swiss ten­nis and made a cool train­ing video of you. If you post your video 10mins after Ro­ger Fe­der­er won a Grand Slam title your video is con­sidered not com­pet­it­ive enough. Federer’s post will win against your video be­cause it will per­form much bet­ter (more likes, com­ments or shares) and is thus con­sidered as more rel­ev­ant to pop-up in your friend’s news feed. Keep in mind that you will reach your stand­ard com­munity (your in­ner-circle of about 10-12% of your fol­low­ers) any­way. With a cool new video you want to reach ad­di­tion­ally the at­ten­tion of your out­er-circle (90% of your fol­low­ers who will not see your post nor­mally, plus the fu­ture-fol­low­ers who will see your video only if your friends like or share it. It’s very hard to get the at­ten­tion of your out­er-circle after Fe­der­er won his match. Try Google News or Twit­ter Trends and check if there are any big events in the last 2h by en­ter­ing a few keywords about your movie. The half-life of a status up­date (reach/impression and en­gage­ment) is 30 minutes and 75% of the range is reached in less than 2 hours. To be sure check also the last 6h to be 90% sure.

Dat­aB­log is a five-part blog series where we’d like to show the latest mar­ket­ing stats in video­mak­ing. In­clude these steps in your video mar­ket­ing strategies and you will be ready for the video mar­ket­ing 2018.  Check out the oth­er four data blogs.

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