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Data Blog #2: Plan Your Video Without Au­dio!

24 Novem­ber 17 (re­vised on 30 Decem­ber 18)

Ac­cord­ing to the latest mar­ket­ing stats by Face­book, 85% of Face­book videos (in­clud­ing mo­bile and desktop) are watched without sound. Im­age your­self in a crowded place like in the train. Do you watch your video with sound? When do you start listen­ing to the sound?

Face­books ana­lys­is showed that ¾ of today’s branded video con­tent re­quires sound to com­mu­nic­ate the message/brand. You can ima­gine that all these video­clips are use­less be­cause of the 85% non-sound view­ers.

Ima­gine your­self to be a deaf per­son that tries to in­clude all in­form­a­tion to its mes­sage visu­ally:

  1. Use sub­titles (maybe even in mul­tiple lan­guages)
  2. Built-in post text
  3. Use open­ing visu­als (Cap­tions, lo­gos, Call-to-Ac­tion (CTA) texts)
  4. Col­or: Es­tab­lish your brand col­ours and use them in every video! Your audi­ence will as­so­ci­ate cer­tain emo­tions with your brand when they re­cog­nize it, wheth­er they ex­per­i­ence it con­scious or un­con­scious. Best ex­amples are Feld­schlösschen, Coca-Cola or Win­force with their nearly black or white strategy.

This does not mean you should ex­clude sound al­to­geth­er. Sound and es­pe­cially sound-ef­fects are a ma­jor part of every good video and should nev­er be ex­cluded. Ima­gine your­self again start watch­ing a video with no sound and after a cer­tain time you de­cide you’re in­ter­ested in watch­ing the video and listen­ing to the sound as well. When there is no sound, you’re rather dis­ap­poin­ted and it seems that the video and so the video mes­sage is “un­fin­ished”.

PS. When us­ing text: Read here on our blog about the read­ing speed in a video.

Dat­aB­log is a five-part blog series where we’d like to show the latest mar­ket­ing stats in video­mak­ing. In­clude these steps in your video mar­ket­ing strategies and you will be ready for the video mar­ket­ing 2018.  Check out the oth­er four data blogs.

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