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Data Blog #1: It’s About The First 3 Sec­onds!

24 Novem­ber 17

Time: Accord­ing to the lat­est mar­ket­ing stats by Face­book, peo­ple spend 1.7 sec­onds on aver­age on a piece of con­tent on mobile com­pared to 2.5 sec­onds on a desk­top pc,  before they scroll on to the next piece of con­tent in their news feed. There­fore, if you want to grab your view­ers’ atten­tion with a video, the first sec­onds of your video count the most. It’s manda­to­ry that your audi­ence starts look­ing at your video. It sounds triv­ial but it’s always: Bind them first to the video (in these 1.7 sec­onds) and after that start with your video/message/value…or what­ev­er.

Val­ue: The val­ue of your video con­tent is estab­lished with­in the first 3 sec­onds and increas­es with dura­tion: 65% of peo­ple that watch the first 3 sec­onds of your video on Face­book will watch it for at least 10 sec­onds. 45% will watch a video for 30 sec­onds. Thus if you can bind your audi­ence for more than 3s to your video, you will have a 45% chance that they will watch it for 30 sec­onds – enough time to show your entire video.

There­fore, here are the four most impor­tant rules you should fol­low to catch the audi­ence atten­tion with­in the first 3 sec­onds of your video:

  1. Before the video: Cap­ture atten­tion with your video’s thumb­nail image(s), text and graph­ics. Make sure not to add too much text onto the video’s thumb­nail because Face­book or YouTube will rate the thumb­nail as less attrac­tive (check it with this tool).
  2. Open the video with the top-shot: Emo­tion­al, action-packed, thrilling! Don’t fol­low the chronol­o­gy in your videos any­more. If you start low in your first 3s, your poten­tial view­er is watch­ing already the next video in his news­feed. Exam­ple: Go to Red Bull Face­book page and check out all their videos. You will find the same pat­tern every time.
  3. Don’t cut the top-shot. Many plat­forms start the videos auto­mat­i­cal­ly and it will take the view­er about 0.5 to 1 sec­ond to scroll and fol­low the action in your video. If you already made a cut in the first sec­onds, you lose your top-shot.
  4. Name/show your brand or prod­uct in the first 3s (bet­ter 1.7s)! You have your impres­sion of your brand or prod­uct any­way and it’s not only some ran­dom, non-brand­ed clip in a news­feed.

Dat­a­Blog is a five-part blog series where we’d like to show the lat­est mar­ket­ing stats in video­mak­ing. Include these steps in your video mar­ket­ing strate­gies and you will be ready for the video mar­ket­ing 2018.  Check out the oth­er four data blogs.

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