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Open Strategy Series | PROGRM (Crossfit)

The “Cross­Fit Games” have been held every sum­mer since 2007 and have the goal to find the “Fittest on Earth”. It’s not only about who can lift the heav­i­est weight or run the fastest. To become one of the best ath­letes you have to be strong in high-inten­si­ty work­outs, Olympic weightlift­ing, pow­er­lift­ing, gym­nas­tics, strong­man, and oth­er exer­cis­es like swim­ming, sprint­ing or dis­tance run­ning.

Since 2011 there is a new online qual­i­fi­ca­tion process to get to the Cross­Fit Games. This is called The Open. Dur­ing The Open one work­out is released a week for 5 weeks, ath­letes have 4 days to com­plete the work­out in their affil­i­ate with a qual­i­fied judge.

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